Hi. I’m Martin. Glad you stopped by! This is my humble online portfolio where you can check out some of my work.

I’m an aspiring UX designer. Being a UX generalist and essentially a mix of concept developer, interaction and UX designer, I have a holistic and user-centered approach to digital product development.

I am keen on creating digital experiences that are a pleasure to use and to do that I believe you need a thorough understanding of user needs and user behaviors. The design process should be insights-driven and both qualitative and quantitative research and the ensuing data should inform the design – that is at the core of user-centered design.

I focus on human experiences and not product features, meaning it’s not all about the functions, but instead about how people relate to digital products in an emotional way. Utility is important, but even more so is relevance, delighting users and evoking positive emotions.


This is a quick overview of some of the tools I use.

I have experience using a range of tools, and although I do not claim to master any of them 100%, I am comfortable using all of them. These are some of the tools that I use when doing UX work.

Principle for Mac

My new favorite tool is Principle for Mac. It is a motion design prototyping tool that allows me to build high-fidelity prototypes with transformative interfaces that leverage animations and transitions to aid usability.


Proto.io is a great tool for creating high-fidelity, clickable prototypes with transition effects and multi-state screens. Great for creating polished prototypes that simulate the real thing. Easy device testing and commenting.

Balsamiq Mockups

I have a fair amount of experience working in Balsamiq and it’s a great tool for creating quick wireframes. I mainly use Balsamiq early in the design process and prefer moving to higher fidelity tools like Principle later on.

Adobe Photoshop

I mostly use Photoshop in concert with the other tools mentioned, but I have previously used Photoshop to create mockups. Over time I have accumulated more than 10 years experience using it, so I know my way around.

Aside from the four tools mentioned above, I also recently picked up licenses for Sketch and Flinto. Instead of having a one-size-fits-all prototyping tool, I am finding the powers of these specialized tools befinitial for prototyping; Sketch is the Photoshop for designers I’ve been waiting for, whilst Flinto – much like Principle – allows me to import the Sketch files and build an interactive, high-fidelity prototype with use of detailed animations and transitions.


This is some of the work I have done previously. Click on the projects to explore.

Note: To honor my confidentiality agreement with the LEGO Group some projects are not publicly available and are hence password protected. Please find the password in the header of my resume. My most recent work for the LEGO Group is for upcoming products and I cannot share this work, unfortunately.


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